Drafting patent disclosures: what the Patent Office is looking for.

Your goal should be to get filed quickly, and include as much depth and detail within your disclosure  as possible.

Free Patent information for inventors and startups!

MOST IMPORTANT: Be aware you can File for Patent Yourself!

Self-filing for patent has both advantages and disadvantages.  While not everyone can file their own patent application, all inventors should be aware that the option exists!  Below is an excellent YouTube video showing a lot of the filing steps. Warning: its not easy.

Inventor FAQs

Many successful inventions do not have patents at all.  Many patented inventions never make a dime.  Do not make false assumptions about the value of patents.  Patents have their place, but this is a commonly misunderstood area.

Example patent images you can create yourself

How to patent an idea. Properly formatted images are critical to an effective patents disclosure.  However, most inventors don't realize how much of this task they can be doing themselves!  Walk into a patent attorney's office with a lot of the work already done! Protect your inventions.

Responses to common search inquiries and patent keywords, a mini-Encyclopedia of patent Keywords

This section is a patent information resource which organizes and specifically responds to inquiries and keywords often entered by inventors doing searches. This section is a type of mini-Encyclopedia of patents. 

This site also has an "Inventor FAQ" section, which is organized differently.

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Be sure you need patents, & know what you are getting!

It may not be what you think!

Our goal is to prevent inventors from making avoidable mistakes, and to develop an audience, and develop credibility with inventors.  All information herein is Free and available to the Public, except for any specific inquiries you may e-mail to us.  As such, the information herein is not meant to steer or bait the reader in any particular direction. Instead, the information contained herein is intended to empower inventors, put the proper information in their hands so they can make an informed and intelligent decision on protection (or lack thereof).  This includes $expenses, finding a market, etc. 

This site strives for inventors to avoid legal expenses that don’t help the inventor, and instead often end up in complaints and dis-satisfaction. This can be avoided if all parties have accurate information!  

Our team includes former patent Examiners who know what the Patent Office will do with your patent application.  Be aware, the Examination process is not anything like what most people think!

Our YouTube channel

audio discussion - - podcast

These audio files contain a brief discussion of important patent principles. None are more than 3 minutes long.

Books and Media helpful for inventors

How an Examiner will consider your application

This book illustrates several valuable steps in the patent-drafting and patent-filing process. 92 pages, written by a former Patent Examiner. Paperback version is $12.15, Kindle version is 99 cents.

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One of Stephen Key's best books

Steven Key has written several books, but this is one of the best.  Note the emphasis on "with or without a patent". We Agree!

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Software Inventions ARE Patentable!

There is a lot of flux and noise in how the Federal Courts are evaluating software patent applications. But be aware, software IS patentable. It just takes some work. 72 pages, written by a former Patent Examiner. Paperback version is $10.75, Kindle version is 99 cents. 

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"Joy" (2015) movie starring Jennifer Lawrence

Frankly, this film is pretty dull.  But it contains several excellent lessons on the patent system and patenting inventions. The film is not great, but serves as an excellent resource for novice inventors, which Joy Mangano was.

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Accurate account of Lori's success

Of all the different books by Shark Tank panelists, we feel this is the best. Lori Greiner keeps it real, keeps it accurate. Lori discusses her >90 patents, and also discusses her relationships with her vendors and suppliers. This is an area Often Neglected by inventors.

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"Flash of Genius" (2008) movie starring Greg Kinnear

This movie has inspired an entire new generation of paranoid inventors, all convinced that everyone is out to steal their (usually worthless) invention. Nonetheless, after getting past the "inventors psychosis", this movie still has several useful lessons.

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