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The five single biggest factors in determining your patent costs are:

 1) how developed is your invention, how far along is it, and how much further is it likely to evolve? Also, have you had any sales yet?

 2) how much of the work are you the inventor willing to learn and do yourself? and

 3) which type of application do you want to file, and what type of protection do you need?

 4) will your proposed patent application correspond with an actual product presently in the marketplace?

5) do you have a website, Amazon presence, Instagram presence, YouTube, Facebook, or other store-front?  Have you published any academic papers or research documents on your invention? Have you made any videos?

We would want to see these.

Every single patent professional on earth will want/need to know this, before giving you a suitable cost-estimate. The creators of this website are no different.


If you arrived at this site looking for information about "patent practitioner", "lawyer intellectual property", "patent and trademark attorneys", "registered patent agent", "registered patent attorney", "patent attorney", "patent services", "patent help", "chemical patent attorney", "what to ask your attorney regarding patent", "find a patent attorney", "intellectual property lawyer", "patent lawyer", "patent firm", "patent counsel", and/or something similar, then you are in the right place! There are literally thousands of patent attorneys and law firms that would love to have your business. Here is just one such firm, of many. 

But before consulting any counsel, please be aware that inventors are permitted by law to file their own patent applications! The information on this site is directed mostly at these types of inventors. Again, the information on this site is to help inventors Get Started in the patent process, and discusses mostly Provisional patent issues, not Utility patent issues, and certainly not International protection.

Either way, whether anyone engages counsel or not, this site can save inventors money and time by increasing inventors' understanding of the patent process and the form and content of a patent application.

Regarding the inquiries "patent advisor", "patent support", "patent consultant", "patent assistance", "patent management", we find these inquiries interesting. There are many useful and important tasks related to the patent process that do not require an attorney! If you want to know more about these tasks, and services, please contact us.

Regarding the inquiry "patent examiner", this is the job-Title for the person within the Patent Office who reviews your patent application, should you file one. This is not someone appointed by the Inventor, and is not something that the Examiner has any choice about. However, the author of this website is a former Examiner and can tell you a lot about the process. You can reach us here. E-mails are free, phone calls cost money! Because of the nature of the information being exchanged, phone calls do not work as well. It is often necessary to send documents, links, and URLs that aid in responding to specific inquiries.

Before you appoint any patent counsel, it is best to be fully-informed about the patent process. Many inventors have been surprised and disappointed when they find out how the patent process actually works. They are also disappointed at the legal expenses they have incurred, some of which could have been avoided, and others which may have been unwise.

Regarding the inquiry "patent attorney near me", patent practice is different than other forms of law in that in-person direct contact with the attorney is less necessary. The entire relationship usually takes place over e-mail or other type of secure portal. Even if the patent counsel and inventor meet in person, the important work will not occur until they review and exchange various invention-related and inventor-related patent documents. Thus, your patent attorney of choice does not necessarily need to be near you. But they definitely need to be available via e-mail and telephone.

Want a cost-estimate for filing? Contact us.

The best cost-estimates are where the inventor or applicant can effectively answer all 5 inquiries shown herein. The more information you can give us, the better.  Remember, you can answer these questions without telling us what the invention is, in fact we don't really want to know, if we can avoid it.

Yes it is possible to give a cost-estimate without knowing exactly what the invention is. In many ways, the 5-part questionnaire to the left is more important.

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